As human beings we all have our own desires and aspirations ranging in different levels, we pivot our lives around various goals, trying to make our lives better because that’s what a man’s life is , a journey. Now the direction differs,but why do we do what we do? Why do we direct our lives one way among-st million others? At each stage of our lives we have a task or goal or an objective to be accomplished. As kids our objectives are to academically excel and to nurture into fine adults and as our teenage years take over the objective shifts to a more serious and difficult form as we try to decide our “passion” and what the hear wants ,we start to dream-big and vast and ready ourselves for the world and its elements, and finally we begin our journey to make something of our lives, the biggest obstacle in the way being OURSELVES. Coming from an Indian community, education was always the highlight, every teen and youngster on an average would write close to one hundred tests and examinations in pursuit of academic excellence. Why do we write these tests and vomit these books on a piece of paper? We spend our entire lives working tirelessly in order to find the right job or rather to “settle in life”,whatever that means. This is the life of a youth , constantly searching for a passion be it academics or sports or arts ,constantly battling with himself to find the right path.why do put so much emphasis on our careers and ambitions? Why do we work so hard for our dreams? The obvious answer would be ‘to achieve ‘or ‘to succeed’ ,but success is relative and accomplishments are many. So why do we do what we do? Every single thing we do revolves around “success” we all want to become a personification of greatness, because somehow that’s what life is about..to succeed..that’s our purpose or that’s what we think is. At least from where i come from this is the herd cycle – you are born into a well to do or middle class family, at the age of five you are enrolled in all the activities one could think of, in you’re teen life you accumulate vast knowledge and recycle them onto papers at least a thousand times or attempt at other activities, preparing for countless entrance tests and training in specific sports or arts with the dream to make it big, and after toiling for a decade you quicken the pace and multiply the pressure to find a “well to do ” job or profession and desperately look for opportunities to succeed in sports or arts and after years of trial and error you secure a strong profession with a mediocre pay and security feeling that the hard part has ended but then begins the hours of work followed by marriage ,followed by kids , managing a family during the night and work during the day and finally pass on the entire process to your children because the ultimate reward is that when somebody asks you what you do , you can explain your profession as a doctor or engineer or accountant or what not with no shame whatsoever. We toil and scrape the floors for decades partially sacrificing what we truly love, wrecking our brains for the satisfaction of knowing that we need not be ashamed when someone questions our position in society.. For that 120 seconds we do what we do or rather for that deceptive, poisonous, life destroying pleasure called “acceptance” we do what we do. Everything in modern society revolves around being “accepted” .We pursue jobs and positions for being accepted by people in society because we fear rejection we want to climb up the social ladder and reach the highest point we can, we want to be appreciated ,we want the attention to fall on us and hence we do what we do . We do it for the money ,the fame,the prestige the power because we believe all of these aspects will make us satisfied and accepted. This is the predominance of our quest in life. This desperate journey to fit in. This is why we do what we do. But is this the real reason? Is this the right way? Our society has deceived us in making us believe that all these tangible elements bring us satisfaction and that the two A’s (acceptance and attention) are what we live for regardless if we do it consciously or subconsciously. You see though success is relative and people are different ,there is one thing, one purpose that binds us all together. That common denominator which is the real reason why we live ,the common goal, the one objective,something that has been taught to us since kinder garden but as we’ve grown older we’ve grown apart from it as a result of the many worldly illusions ,we all do what we do in the common pursuit to find what we all are looking for -HAPPINESS. Its as simple as that. The problem is we have THE WRONG IDEA of what is happiness and hence we go astray because we simply don’t look at the big picture. We all have in our way a huge white wall. But we just look at what’s in-front of us , we don’t look to the sides or up or down but just in front and hence what we see is limited ..this is our lives. Question everything-
you do and gradually you will find the answer,for example let’s take a normal average kid in school. Why does he write tests? The limited perspective on that question would be the answer “to excel in his exams” but let’s dive deeper. Why does he write exams ? To secure a good score. Why does he went to secure a good score? To get into a reputed institution. Why get into an institution? To get the best job. Why get the best job? To secure a good pay. Why secure a good pay? To be financially independent. Why be financially independent? To run a family or live life with no worries and why live with no worries ? TO BECOME HAPPY AND ATTAIN THE BY -PRODUCTS OF IT. This is our purpose ,this our eventual goal but we don’t realize it we are delusional,where our outlook is limited ,we don’t look at the sides or up or down of the big white wall in our way, we just look in front and as a result we do things for the wrong reasons,we pursue dreams without realizing that subconsciously were all just trying to attain some sort of peace,we get influenced easily and we keep believing “accomplishments” “fame” can bring us what we are looking for , we follow what is not right for us ,we simply REDEFINE HAPPINESS into something we can never attain,we believe in the capital ,the power that comes with it and the popularity ,as tools to attain satisfaction when in reality it won’t. This is the plight of the youth of modern times shaped by the beckoning of social networks and tons of self obsession, we have lost track of why we do what we do. To be happy ,to find peace, to be satisfied is the primary goal of our lives as human beings. On the contrary, the question ‘what makes us happy ‘? Is a different topic altogether but the purpose of our lives is this and the sooner we shape our lives in the direction of self contentment and joy instead of what the world tells, the better. It is what we do that defines our lives. We have one shot one opportunity and we have only ourselves to blame if we sit on our deathbeds with regret . We regret not of the things we have done but what we have not done . Are you going after the right things ? Is your direction the right way towards what we really want as humans? Is your definition on happiness worthy enough? Think. Ponder. Hope. Its all about perspective.
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